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Assign Tasks to Clients
Assign Tasks to Clients

Use tasks within your campaigns to assign to-dos directly to your clients.

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By making a small change to your clients permissions you can allow them to view and complete tasks within their AgencyAnalytics campaign.

From the user page, hover over the client you'd like to update, then click the pencil icon. In the dropdown click Edit Permissions.

Next, click General to expand the general permissions menu to show more options.

To enable the Tasks section for Clients, locate Tasks in the list of permissions then click the toggle. When it's green the Tasks section will be visible to this client within their campaign(s). Save to lock in these changes.

Your team can now assign tasks to your Client by adding them as a Task assignee, following the standard task creation steps. Simply select the clients name when adding an assignee.

Once assigned your Client can view or manage Tasks from the Tasks page within their campaign.


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