You can easily add images to your reports and dashboards by selecting the image widget. Once you have added the widget, you can customize the display of your image by using a range of options.

How to add an image widget

First, you will need to add a widget to your report or dashboard.

Click on the 'Objects' menu item and drag the image widget onto the dashboard or report page.

You will then need to enter the URL of where the image is hosted. If you don't have the image hosted somewhere already, you can use a service like Imgur to host it.

Edit the layout of the image by selecting one of the 'Image Fit' options.

The image fit options are explained as per the following:

  • Contain - Best for logos. This ensures the entire image fits inside the widget, and will add some empty space around the image to ensure this occurs.

  • Cover - Keeps one of the image's dimensions locked (depending on the image dimensions) to ensure the image fills the entire widget. Some cropping of either the image's width or height will occur to do this. This option is great for photos or banners, where users want to avoid having empty space inside the widget. (Note: The image may change depending on screen size.)

  • Fill - Forces the image to fit inside the widget, and will change the dimensions of the image to do so. This option is great for banners or photos that won't look strange if dimensions are different to the original image.

  • None - The raw full size image, with focus on the center of the image. Great for a banner or photo when cropping isn't a concern (e.g. a photo of a city that has no specific focus). Note that the image may change depending on screen size.

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