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Delete images from an image widget or the media library
Delete images from an image widget or the media library

When an image is no longer needed, simply delete it from the widget, or from the media library.

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If an image is no longer needed, you can simply delete the image from the image widget. Alternatively, if the image isn't needed anymore, it can be deleted from the media library.

Before deleting an image from the library, make sure to double check that this image should no longer be in use. When an image is deleted from the library, it's immediately removed from all widgets where it was previously displayed.

How to delete an image from an image widget

From the report editor, or while editing a dashboard, click the widget with the image you'd like to delete. Then, hover the image preview on the sidebar to the right. Two options will show, a pencil and a red X.

To simply delete the image from this singular widget, click the red X. This will remove it from the widget you were editing, but won't affect any other widgets containing this same image, or the media library.

How to delete an image from the media library

If you want to remove this image from your account entirely, hover over the image preview in the sidebar as we did before. Instead of the X, click the pencil to launch the media library window.

From the media library popover, hover over the image you would like to permanently delete. A small red trash can will appear in the upper right hand corner of the image tile.

Clicking the red trash can will trigger a confirmation popover. Files deleted from your media library are no longer available across all your dashboards and reports, so be sure this image isn't needed anymore before clicking delete.


Note: Deleting an image from the library will reset all widgets that were using this image to a blank widget with "Please enter a URL". This will be visible on client dashboards, or reports sent out after the image is deleted, if the widget is not edited and a new image inserted.

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