How to add images to reports and custom dashboards

When adding an image to reports or dashboards, you'll need to link to the image (rather than uploading the image directly to our servers). All images must be hosted externally to our platform. There are a number of free image hosting services out there (like, or you can host images on your own server. If your image is already hosted on Google Drive, you'll be able to embed it using a specific URL structure. Click here for more details on how this works.

To add images, you'll first need to add a textbox widget to your report or to your custom dashboard (via the "Add Widget" button).

Once you've added a textbox widget, click the ellipsis "..." at the top right corner of the textbox and click on "edit" to start editing the widget.

Next, click the "Add Image" button at the top of the textbox widget.

In the Image Properties popup, add the URL to the image in the URL box. 

Note that the link you copy into the URL field must end with .jpg or .png.

If the image doesn't display, check that you're not linking to the webpage that contains the image, rather than to the image itself.

As an example, if we were to link to the image on this page -, the image URL would be

To find that image URL, go to the page where the image is being hosted (in our example, this is Then right-click on the image, and select "Copy Image Address". 

Ensure the URL for the image ends in ".jpg" or ".png" (and delete any text after .jpg or .png if you see any).

Once you've added your image URL, click "OK".

You should see your image in the textbox. You can then continue editing the textbox, or click the ellipsis "..." at the top right corner of the textbox and click on "done editing".

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