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Add widgets on dashboards
Add widgets on dashboards

Add a widget to your dashboards to provide access, at a glance, to the data and metrics that you and your customers care about most

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How to add a widget

Navigate to the campaign dashboard for any campaign, by clicking “Overview” in the campaign’s left side menu.

If you're adding the first widget to the campaign dashboard, click the "Create Dashboard" button.

If you've already added widgets to the dashboard, click the "Edit Dashboard" button at the top right.

The “Add Widgets” section will automatically become visible on the right-hand side.

From here, either search or scroll and select the integration of which you'd like to add a widget. Choose which type of widget and metric you would like displayed, and then drag and drop it onto your dashboard.

Your widget will then be added to the dashboard. From here you can edit and resize the widget.

Once you’re done adding widgets, click “Save” at the top right to apply your changes.

* Please note: There is a limit of 50 widgets allowed on each dashboard.

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