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Remove widgets on dashboards
Remove widgets on dashboards

Enter edit dashboard mode, click the ellipsis "...", then select "Delete"

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How to remove individual widgets

First, toggle your dashboard into "Edit Dashboard" mode.

Next, hover over the widget you'd like to remove, then click the ellipsis ( ... ) in the upper right corner of the widget to reveal a dropdown menu. Lastly, click "Delete", and the widget will be removed.

Finally, click "Save" at the top right-hand corner once you are done to save the changes to your dashboard.

How to delete multiple widgets at once

In order to delete widgets, navigate to the campaign where you'd like to remove them, then click Edit Dashboard Section in the upper right.


Once in Edit mode, click on a widget to select it. Your brand colour will show as an outline around the selected widget. To select more than one, hold ctrl (or cmd on Apple products) then click the additional widgets to select.
In the example below we can see the blue accent outline is shown around the Google Rankings widgets, indicating both are selected.

Once you have the widgets selected, simply tap the delete key on your keyboard. This will remove all selected widgets.

Note – Deleting widgets can be undone before saving by clicking the undo button in the upper right of the dashboard section. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+z on PC, or cmd+z, on Mac.

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