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Changing a widget chart type
Changing a widget chart type

How to change from one chart type to another on custom dashboards and in reports.

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You can change the chart type for widgets on your custom dashboards and reports. For example, you can convert a Line chart into a Bar chart or a Pie chart. Note that not all charts will convert to another type, as the data must be supported in the new chart.

Where to start

Open the dashboard widget settings or report widget settings for the widget you'd like to change.

In the edit widget menu that appears, select which type of chart you would like the widget to show:

You will see the available charts you can switch to that are compatible with the data being reported.

Here are the supported chart types that you can change into other charts:

  • Line chart

  • Column/Bar chart

  • Map chart

  • Pie chart

  • Sparkline chart

Once you're done, click "Done Editing", found in the widgets ellipsis β€œ...” drop-down menu and you'll be all set.

The result

Here's a line chart:

...that we converted into a column/bar chart:

Please take note that when changing chart types, the dimension or metric may change. A dimension is an attribute of your data. In the example above, the dimension "Campaign" indicates the campaign, for example, "Audi RS3" or "Morgan Aero 8", from which the Website Visit relates to.

You can choose the dimension to report in the edit widget menu:

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