This article applies to issues with both Facebook and Facebook Ads.

Why are some of my Facebook pages giving errors or not showing up in the connection list?

This typically results from a permissions issue. Here's how to troubleshoot:

1) Check permissions level

Does the account which you've used to authenticate the connection have direct access to the Page access? You need Facebook Access turned on, with full permissions.

2) Re-enter credentials

To do so, click the "settings slider" in the Facebook integration, and then click the "edit" button.

From there, click "Switch Account", and re-enter your credentials by clicking "Connect New Account".

A popup will appear, and you'll be prompted to log into your Facebook account. After entering your password, choose "Edit settings" on the next screen in the popup.
Note: If you don't see "Edit settings" or the subsequent pages, go to step 3 in this article (below).

Next, ensure all pages are checked.

Then ensure all permissions are enabled. If any of permissions are disabled, Facebook may not give you access to your data. Click "Done" once all permissions are turned on, then click "OK" on the next screen.

From there, you can choose the exact account you'd like to integrate to AgencyAnalytics, then hit "Connect".

3) Check "Agency Analytics" app permissions

Visit and do the following:

  • Click the "View and edit" text below Agency Analytics:

  • Ensure that all points are toggled on, and all permissions are enabled in the popup that will appear. Note that the same page will appear multiple times in the list for different permissions. Our platform will be denied access to any pages that aren't checked.

  • Use the "New Account" button in our dashboard to re-enter credentials (described earlier in this article). The accounts should then be visible.

Note: Ensure you're logged in with your account and not as the page to access Business Integrations:

4) Complete remove the "Agency Analytics" app and reconnect

If the above steps don't work, please delete the "Agency Analytics" app at completely.

Then, follow the process in step #2 above (re-enter credentials) to re-connect to Facebook. When approving permissions, make sure the user allows access to ALL Pages.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, please contact our support team.

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