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Add a brand new campaign to a folder
Add a brand new campaign to a folder

Use the "campaign creation wizard" to add a brand new campaign to a folder right when you create it

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Many customers who have a large number of campaigns find it critical to keep their campaigns well-organized. This helps keep the Home page tidy, making it quick and easy to locate client campaigns and maintain a streamlined workflow.

To this end, we offer the ability to group campaigns into folders.

How to add a brand new campaign to a folder

From the Home page click the button the Create Campaign button in the top right to enter the campaign creation wizard.

The "New Campaign Wizard" will appear. You'll notice a field for "Group (Optional)".

In this field, you can either type the name of an existing folder, and then select it from a dropdown that will appear, or you can type the name of a brand new folder. To create a brand new folder via this method, simply type any folder name that isn't currently in use, then click "Next".

Step through the rest of the "Create Campaign" wizard. When you get to the third and final screen, and click the "Create Campaign" button, the new folder will appear in your main dashboard screen, and the new campaign that you just created will be nested inside of it.

You'll also now be able to add existing campaigns to this folder. Check out our add an existing campaign to a folder article to learn how.

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