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The Downloads Center provides easy management of new and existing campaign exports and generated reports by bringing them together.

View the Downloads Center

In the upper right hand of the platform look for the Downloads icon. This looks like a file folder with a downward arrow. When a new download is available a red dot will appear on this icon.

Click the download icon to open the downloads dropdown where all of the most recent generated downloads are available.

At the bottom of the dropdown click See All Downloads to open the Download Center.

Here you will see a table displaying any generated report downloads and campaign exports for any campaigns you have permissions to view.

Understanding the downloads table

Each column of the downloads table provides important information at a glance.

โ€‹File Name

The file name is automatically generated using the campaign ID, and either the campaign name or the name of the report or dashboard that was downloaded. Clicking the file name will download a copy of the file to your computer.


Category notes whether the download is a Report, Campaign Export, or Dashboard.

File Type

This specifies the file format that the download was generated in.

Completion Date

The date the download or export was completed on.


Notes whether the download completed, or if an error occurred.

Delete a download

To delete a download, click the ellipsis in the far right column of the downloads table next to the report or export you wish to remove.

This will open a small dropdown, click Remove from List to open the deletion confirmation window. Downloads are system wide, if you delete a file from the Downloads section this will delete it for other users as well.

Lastly, click Delete to confirm the deletion of this download.

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