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Using advanced filters
Using advanced filters

Advanced filters are currently available for all compatible GA4, Google Ads, and Google Search Console widgets.

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Advanced filters allow for even more granular control over your data, as you can drill down to the specific details you need for the most effective reporting and analysis.

Using advanced filters

All compatible filters available in GA4, Google Ads, and Google Search Console have the option to switch to an Advanced Filter. Advanced Filters are "contains" filters that, when applied, will filter data based on the keyword or characters entered.

While in edit mode, click a compatible widget, then open the Data tab in the Edit Widget menu. Locate the filter of your choice, then hover over and click "Switch to Advanced Filter".


Once clicked, the filter will switch from a dropdown list to a field you can type in. Click the field, then enter the word or path of your choosing to activate the filter.
In the below example, the widget on the left has updated to display data relevant to pages with a URL containing /mold.

How you enter the word or path will change the data displayed in the widget. In the example below we use only the word mold. This results in a different set of pages returned, as more pages than just the above two contain the word mold when the forward slash is removed.

What filters are compatible?

The below table indicates which filters can be switched to advanced filters.

Google Analytics 4 πŸ“ˆ

Google Ads 🎯

Google Search Console πŸ”

Audience filter




Ad Group



Conversion action name




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