Delete a campaign template

First, navigate to the templates page, then the campaign tab. From here, click the box beside the campaign, then confirm to delete.

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If a campaign template is no longer useful to your team, they can be deleted in a few easy steps. Before deleting a campaign template, consider editing the template if some of the reports and dashboards within are still useful for your team.

How to delete a campaign template

From the Home page, click Templates in the sidebar on the left of the screen.
This will take you to the templates page, and will default to the campaigns tab.
Next, click the check box beside the campaign(s) you would like to delete. Deleting a campaign template will delete all reports and dashboard templates created within. Once deleted the campaign template, or the contents, cannot be retrieved.
When at least one box is selected, the delete button will be revealed in the top left of the campaign template table. Clicking delete will launch a confirmation window that lists the selected campaign templates.
To confirm the complete and final deletion of this campaign template, click delete in the bottom right. This will remove the campaign template from the account permanently. Deleting a campaign template will not effect any campaigns that used this template in their creation.

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