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Use custom campaign templates to quickly create client campaigns, prefilled with your custom dashboards and reports.

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If your team uses the same report and dashboard formats across campaigns, try using Campaign Templates to combine these into one quick and easy creation step.

To get started, from the Home page click Templates in the sidebar to the left.

This will open the Campaigns tab of the Templates page by default. From here, click Create Template in the upper right corner.

On the following page, click create a blank campaign template.
If you have previously created a campaign template, select the option to the right if you'd like to start with an existing campaign template as your base.

Next, name the new campaign template, then click continue to finish creating the template.
Once the base of the campaign template has been created, we can build out the dashboards and reports that will be generated each time this template is used to create a campaign.

When editing a dashboard or report within a campaign template, the data shown will always be generated demo data, as a template is not connected to an account or integration.

Adding Dashboards to a Campaign Template

Click Create dashboard, then follow the prompts to complete the process. Doing so follows the same steps used when creating a dashboard within a campaign.


πŸ’‘ When working in a campaign template, there will be a bar at the top of your screen that states which template you're currently working in.

To create another dashboard in the same template, click the ... to the right of the dashboard titles, then Add. This will take you through the same process as above for each additional dashboard.
​Multiple campaign dashboards are only available on some plans.


You can also reorder or change the visibility of dashboards in your template. To do so, click Manage from the same dropdown mentioned above.
In this window you can set a dashboard to Staff only from the dropdown, can edit the title by clicking the pencil, or click, and hold then drag and drop the dashboards to reorder them. Make sure to click Save Settings to lock in these changes!

Adding Reports to a Campaign Template

To add a Report to a Campaign Template, click Reports in the sidebar to the left. Then, click Create Report on the Reports page.
If you've created a Report in this Campaign Template previously, the option to Create a Report will be in the upper right hand corner instead.

Creating a report within a Campaign Template follows the same steps as creating a report within a campaign.
You'll have the option to create a blank report, clone a report, or use an existing report template.
Once created, the Report will show on the Reports page, where you can click the name to open the Report and make specific edits to the design.

The data shown on the report design page will also be demo data, as mentioned earlier for dashboards.
After creating the Campaign Template, and adding the dashboards and reports of your choosing, the template will be ready to go! Select use template when creating a campaign, then apply.
Once applied, make sure to go through and connect integrations, set your report schedules if needed, and customize the campaigns settings.

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