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Access Google Ads Local Campaigns
Access Google Ads Local Campaigns

Simply re-integrate Google Ads via your Integrations area. This connects you to Google Ads' new API, which supports this feature.

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Google Ads' latest API supports Local Campaigns. Any new users integrating Google Ads will automatically have support for this feature. However, older customers may need to reconnect their ads account(s) to access it. Here's how to do so.

First, go to your campaign's "Integrations" area and select Google Ads.

Next, click "Switch Account".

Next, select the account you'd like to connect to, and click "Connect".

You'll be automatically switched to the latest Google Ads API version, which supports Local Campaigns.

If you see an "error" message when selecting an account, click the "Connect New Account" button to re-enter your Google Ads credentials (then select your account as shown above).

Note: In the future we'll automatically switch all customers to the new Google Ads API once it has been confirmed stable.

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