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Verify "4XX Errors" reported by our site auditor
Verify "4XX Errors" reported by our site auditor

Identify what kind of 4XX error our site auditor is reporting and verify the link status at

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Site Auditor is available as a paid add-on in accounts created before November 2023. For more information please reach out to our friendly support team.

4XX Errors are HTTP response status codes returned by a server in response to a client request. It basically means that the request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled. In other words, these errors typically occur when a URL has restricted access or rights, or simply doesn't exist.

How to verify 4XX Errors

If you're unsure whether our site auditor is reporting correctly, you can easily verify the status of your URL at

To do this, navigate to the SEO --> Site Auditor dashboard module. Click "4XX Errors" to see more information about which URLs have been flagged with this issue.

The dashboard will show you a list of URLs for which the site auditor has found 4XX errors.

Link Origin Page: This is the page where the link was found

Link URL: This is the URL of the page that returned a 4xx error

Link Text: This is the text of the hyperlink

If you want to verify that this is correct, open a new tab on your browser and go to, then paste the Link URL you've copied to your clipboard. If this page confirms a 400 error, then we're reporting it correctly at our end.

What are the most common 4XX Errors?

Some of the most common 4XX errors that our site auditor will report are:

  • 401 Error: Authorization required

  • 403 Error: Forbidden to access the page

  • 404 Error: Page does not exist

  • 408 Error: Request timeout

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