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Verify "Sitemap.xml not Found" reported by our site auditor
Verify "Sitemap.xml not Found" reported by our site auditor

To verify what our site auditor reports, access your website's robots.txt file to search for your website's sitemap.

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Site Auditor is available as a paid add-on in accounts created before November 2023. For more information please reach out to our friendly support team.

Our site auditor will report a "Sitemap.xml not Found" warning if your website doesn't have a sitemap or if your sitemap is not properly located within your website's robots.txt file. You can manually verify this with the following instructions.

Determine if your website has a sitemap URL

By default, you'll be able to locate your sitemap by typing your domain name followed by /sitemap.xml (for example,

Alternatively, you can use Google search to find .xml files within a website (note that this will only work if your site has been already crawled by Google). 

Open Google search, and type filetype:xml in the search bar:

If you can't find a sitemap in your website, you will need to use your CMS or reach out to your web developer to create one.

Verify your sitemap in your robots.txt file

Once you've located your sitemap URL, you will want to verify if it has been added correctly to your website's robots.txt file. 

Open a new tab in your browser, type your domain name and add /robots.txt at the end of your URL (for example,

Press Control+F to open the search bar and type "Sitemap" to determine where in the robots.txt file it has been placed (it can be located anywhere in your robots.txt file):

Once you've located it, check if the URL that figures in your robots.txt file matches your sitemap URL. Note that the absolute URL must figure in your robots.txt file (for example, not /sitemap.xml)

If you find the right Sitemap URL in your website's robots.txt file, reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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