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Customize the Site Auditor Crawl Settings
Customize the Site Auditor Crawl Settings

A quick guide on what our site auditor's settings mean and what they do

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Site Auditor is available as a paid add-on in accounts created before November 2023. For more information please reach out to our friendly support team.

After activating the site auditor, and after you run an audit, you will be glad to know that the site auditor has additional settings that you can modify for future audits.

You will find the settings by clicking the pencil icon at the top right of the dashboard and switching to the Settings tab.

A popup window will appear with the following information.

Click the "Edit" button to customize the crawl settings.

  • A new popup will appear where you can adjust the settings.

  • Include Sub-Domains - With this option enabled, the auditor will also crawl subdomains based on your URL. For example: if the campaign URL is, and 'include subdomains" is enabled, the subdomain will also be crawled. Disable this option if you only want to crawl and its subdirectories (e.g.

  • Page Crawl Limit - The number of pages our auditor will crawl. Use this setting to limit the number of webpages we'll scan during the audit.

  • Schedule - You can set a weekly or monthly schedule, or keep it disabled.

  • Excluded URLs/Paths - Specify the pages you want our auditor to exclude from being crawled. Here's a short guide to help you with this.

  • Ignored Tests - Here you can choose to ignore certain tests from showing in the results.

  • Ignored Pages - You can ignore certain pages from showing in the results.

  • Ignored Page Tests - Ignore tests from specific pages

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