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Verify "5xx errors" reported by our site auditor
Verify "5xx errors" reported by our site auditor
Verify the link status at
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Seeing this error means that our bot encountered an unexpected issue when trying to reach that page or domain.

There might be a bug or server misconfiguration blocking the request, even though the page may actually exist on the server. This is different from a 404 error which means the page simply doesn't exist on the server.

How to verify the link status

If you're unsure whether our site auditor is reporting correctly, you can manually verify the link status at If this page confirms a 500 error, then we're reporting it correctly at our end.

If the dead link checker does not show a 500 error, this indicates that the web server where the site resides is likely blocking our crawler. You'll need to whitelist our useragent in your web host's firewall settings.

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