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Verify "Missing Meta Description" reported by our site auditor
Verify "Missing Meta Description" reported by our site auditor

Verify all the pages with missing meta descriptions reported by our site auditor within your page's source code.

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A page with a missing meta description can harm your website's SEO. You can easily access your page's source code to confirm that our site auditor is reporting this issue correctly.

How to verify missing meta descriptions on your website

Navigate to the SEO --> Site Auditor dashboard module. Click "Missing Meta Description" to see more information about which URLs have been flagged with this issue.

The dashboard will show you a list of pages where no meta description was found. Click the page URL (grey link) to open the page in a new tab:

Once the new page has opened, right-click and select "View Page Source". 

A new tab will open showing your page's source code. Press Control+F to open the search bar and search for <meta name=”description". 

Once you've found the Meta Description within your code, verify that the attribute "Content" placed right after it has a description of your page between quotation marks (i.e. content="Careers page"). 

If you can't find a description, this will mean that your page is missing a Meta Description, and you will need to add one using your CMS or directly in your website's source code.

If you've found a valid meta description on your page but it's still being flagged as missing by our site auditor, reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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