Multiple white label profiles and Linked Accounts are two separate but related AgencyAnalytics features. 

Let's break down the similarities and differences.

Multiple White Label:

  • Available on Enterprise memberships only

  • No additional charge for Enterprise members

  • Implemented within a single AgencyAnalytics account

  • Separate logos and brand colors for each campaign within the same account

  • No separate custom URL for each branding profile

  • Great for agencies who operate under multiple brands in different niches/industries etc

  • Great for co-branding (agency branding + client branding in each campaign and associated reports)

Linked Accounts:

  • Available on all AgencyAnalytics membership levels

  • Allows you to purchase multiple separate AgencyAnalytics accounts at full price, and to link them under one management portal

  • Separate logos and brand colors for each linked account

  • Separate custom URL for each linked account

  • Great for agencies who operate under multiple brands, but need to offer a separate custom URL under each brand

  • Great for agencies who do business as a value added reseller. For example, you sell SEO services to other agencies, who resell those services to their clients. You offer the agency access to an AgencyAnalytics dashboard as part of your fee to them. They get staff accounts, their customers get client accounts, you hold the admin account and pay the bill to AgencyAnalytics.

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