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Find quick answers to your questions about Labs here.

Q: How do I add Labs to my account?

The Labs section is automatically enabled on Agency and Enterprise accounts for the account Admin. Only the Admin can choose to enable experimental features for your account by following the steps here.


Q: How much does Labs cost to use?

Both Labs and the features available within Labs are provided at no extra cost to you while in testing. Features tested in Labs may have an additional charge associated with them once they're live on the product and will be specific to each feature.

Q: How do I provide feedback on features in Labs?

We would love to hear your feedback! Head to our feature request board to create a post detailing any changes you'd like to see.


Q: Can I enable features for only some of my campaigns?

At this time enabling a feature via Labs will enable it for all campaigns within your account, it's not possible to turn it on or off on a campaign basis.

Q: How often will new features be added to Labs?

We're glad to hear you're excited to test out more features. There are multiple features coming to Labs soon, however we aren't sharing the release dates just yet. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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