Connect HighLevel

Connect HighLevel to a campaign by heading to the integration page, selecting HighLevel, then authorizing the connection.

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Before connecting HighLevel to AgencyAnalytics, ensure you have access to the V2 version of their API and are signed into your HighLevel account. If you're unsure of your access level, contact HighLevel support for assistance.

How to connect HighLevel

First, navigate to the campaign where you'll be connecting HighLevel, then click Integrations on the left side menu.

On the integrations page you can quickly locate HighLevel by searching in the upper right search box, or clicking the Analytics tab.

Once located, click the HighLevel tile to open the integration connection page. Then, click the Connect New Account button in the bottom left to launch the authentication window.

After the pop-up opens, select the sub-account from the dropdown that you wish to pull data from.

Our HighLevel integration is designed to connect at the customer level, not the Agency level, to provide specific insights and metrics relevant to individual clients. If an Agency account is selected you will see an error message and will have to start the authentication process again.

Once connected, the window will briefly load before closing and redirecting to the page below. Explore the HighLevel pre-made dashboard, or start adding HighLevel widgets to your dashboards, templates, and reports!

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