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Add multiple metrics in a single widget
Add multiple metrics in a single widget

Easily visualize two metrics simultaneously on bar, line, and area graph charts.

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Comparing two metrics within a single widget can be done with our bar, line, and area graph charts.

To get started, head to the dashboard or report where you'd like to add this widget. From edit mode, drag and drop the chart widget of your choice from the Add Widget menu on the right.

Once you have the graph widget on your dashboard or report, click on the widget to open the Edit Widget menu on the right. Click the Data tab, then look for the metrics field, which should be near the top.
By default only one metric will be entered here, which is the metric of the widget you're currently editing. To add a second, click the metric field and either type the name of the metric, or pick from the dropdown that opens.

Once you've selected the second metric, the chart widget will reload. You'll see the first metric name on the left, and the second on the right side of the chart. At the top of the chart you'll also see a legend that notes which colored line is which.

At the moment, multiple metric chart widgets can only display up to two metrics at a time. With multi-metric widgets, the comparison from the "compare to" period selected will not display.

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