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Automating data into a Google Sheet
Automating data into a Google Sheet

Get data into Google Sheets via tools like Zapier or ITTT. From there, our Google Sheets integration can pull that data in AgencyAnalytics.

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Our Google Sheets integration will always show the latest Google Sheets data in your reports and dashboards. However, this can require you to manually get your data into the Google Sheet first. To fully automate the process, you can use a tool like Zapier or IFTTT (If This Then That) to send data into Google Sheets. Below, you'll see how to set this up.

How to automate data into a Google Sheet & display it in AgencyAnalytics

The video below is an excerpt from our Google Sheets webinar. This video covers how to set up a social listening tool that automatically reports mentions of a brand name. This concept can be applied to almost any other type of data, to help you automatically report on almost anything using AgencyAnalytics.

Here's a written overview of the process covered in the above video.

Setting up an automated social listening tool

This example shows how to use Zapier to set up a social listening tool that automatically reports Twitter mentions of a brand.

Step 1: Use Zapier to detect brand mentions on Twitter

First, connect your Zapier account to Twitter and set it to detect tweets containing mentions of your brand (in our case, we used the brand "Tesla"). Zapier triggers can be set up to scan for specific mentions of brand names, phrases, or products.

Step 2: Connect Zapier with Google Sheets

The next step is to connect Google Sheets to Zapier. This will allow Zapier to automatically send the Twitter mentions into a Google Sheet.

Step 3: Connect & use Google Sheets with AgencyAnalytics

From there, you can add Google Sheets widgets to your dashboards and reports. In this example, to report our list of Twitter mentions, we've added a Google Sheets table widget.

The end result is a report table that will continually populate with new Twitter mentions of the brand "Tesla".

Monitoring other types of data

Regardless of the type of data or integration you're reporting on, the process will always be the same:

  • Set up Zapier, IFTTT, or have your own developer send 3rd party data into a Google Sheet

  • Integrate Google Sheets with AgencyAnalytics

  • Add Google Sheets widgets to dashboards and reports to show your data

Use this process to automatically share data from integrations we don't natively support, to monitor engagement on social media platforms, audience research, or to automatically report on data from almost any other source.

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