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Connect Basis Standalone DSP
Connect Basis Standalone DSP

How to connect your Basis Standalone DSP account to your AgencyAnalytics dashboard

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How to set up a Basis Standalone DSP integration

First, navigate to the campaign where you'd like to connect the Basis Standalone DSP integration, then click "Integrations" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Next, either search Basis Standalone DSP in the upper right search box, or click the Ads category, then click Basis Standalone DSP.

Then click Connect New Account.

You'll be asked to enter your Client ID, Client Secret, and your Advertiser ID for your Basis Standalone DSP account. If you don't have these, please reach out to Basis. Once entered, click "Save".

Next, choose the brand you'd like to connect to your AgencyAnalytics campaign.

Click "Connect", and your client's Basis Standalone DSP brand will then be connected to the dashboard.

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