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Can I expect 100% uptime? Information on data and access issues
Can I expect 100% uptime? Information on data and access issues

We have better than 99.9% uptime. Here's what you can expect from AgencyAnalytics.

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If a software company says you'll always have 100% uptime, they're lying.

While it's impossible to rely on any service (digital or otherwise) to be available every single minute of every single day, we strive for excellence when it comes to our uptime and quality of service.

We've seen full and partial outages occur in every possible way (both with our own platform, and with every other platform in the digital marketing world). Huge worldwide services have gone offline for hundreds of millions of users, entire countries have lost internet access, and countless other issues have affected countless platforms for countless users.

AgencyAnalytics has been around for over 10 years, and we've continually built on our knowledge and experience by putting some very stringent checks and procedures in place to minimize missing data and outages. In most cases you can expect class-leading uptime for your data, but you will inevitably come across times where your data is temporarily unavailable (especially when we rely on dozens of other platforms to send your data to us).

You might lose access to some or all of your data for a number of reasons:

  • Our system can have issues.

  • Integration(s) can go down entirely or have partial outages/errors (this is by far the most common reason for missing data).

  • A password or permission change can block your access to data.

  • Localized user issues like browser/network problems, ad-blockers, browser plugins, user error and more can stop you from accessing data.

  • Malicious activities can affect anything online.

  • Large technical issues can bring down anything (or everything) online.

In almost all cases, only the first point is within our control. We can't fix Google's API bug, we can't circumvent Facebook's strict user permission requirements, and if your adblocker is hijacking what your browser displays, you'll need to turn it off. However, we're here to assist as best we can. Our support team can offer advice on permission issues, localized user issues, and many other problems, and we've built our platform to overcome API issues (to make almost all missing data reappear automatically): Your data will load as soon as it becomes available, even in web reports that were emailed when an integration was down.

As per our terms, we do not provide compensation or refunds when data is unavailable. Based on all of the above, it's impossible for any service to assure your data will always be available. Importantly though, we are always working hard behind the scenes to minimize issues. Most of the time you won't even notice, because our team will stop many issues before they get close to occurring. We do this via constant proactive platform updates, security checks, 24hr monitoring, maintenance, QA, and more. We're alerted as soon as something major goes down, and we work very hard (day and night) to bring back your access whenever it's within our control.

At the end of the day, we want to give our users the best service available. This is something our company embodies at every step: Our planning, engineering, sales, onboarding, customer service, and company culture all pushes towards the collective goal of making our platform the best it can be for digital marketing agencies. If we're not achieving this, we want to hear about it.

While we can't promise 100% uptime, we can say that we'll work extremely hard to get as close to that as possible. We hope you never notice this hard work, because we're always aiming to solve problems before they reach you whenever that's possible.

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