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Valid date formats for Google Sheets widgets
Valid date formats for Google Sheets widgets

A full list of acceptable date formats you can use in Google Sheets when creating widgets.

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The date range functionality for our Google Sheets integration is set up to accept a wide range of date formats.

As long as you're using one of the date formats below, your widgets will change based on the date range you've set in our platform.

Acceptable numerical date formats

For example: "04-26-2019" for April 26th, 2019

For example: "2019/04/26" for April 26th, 2019


For example: "26/Apr/2019" for April 26th, 2019

Acceptable written date formats

Written month, day, year
For example: "July 1st, 2019" or "July 1, 2019"

Written month, year
For example: "December, 2019"

Configuring Google Sheets cells as a "date" format

In order for the date formats to be accepted, you will also need to set the Google Sheets cells as "date" format to ensure date range compatibility, as this could otherwise lead to an invalid date format error on your Google Sheets widgets. To do this, please format the date column by selecting the column > Format > Number > Date.

Additionally, the format for any dates used within the date column will show as YYYY-MM-DD by default within your dashboards or reports. If you are using a different date range format and would like this reflected on your dashboards or reports, rename the column to ' Date: ' instead. This will pick up the exact format you are using on the Google Sheet.

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