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Set a different date range for each widget
Set a different date range for each widget

Go to the widget's settings, and use the "Date Ranger Override" option to set the custom date range for the widget

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Our platform allows you to set different date ranges for individual widgets on all custom dashboards and reports. 

To do this, click the ellipsis ("...") at the top right of the widget in your report or custom dashboard. This will open the widget settings menu.

You'll see a "Date Range Override" option in these settings. Simply choose the date range for this widget to show.

From here click "Done Editing" in the widgets ellipsis "..." drop-down menu.

The "Report Date" option means the widget will always use the date set in the date range selector. All other options will cause the widget to show data from a different date to the date range selector. 

Note that some widgets are not dependent on date ranges, or historical data may not be available. In these cases, the Custom Date option will not be available.

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