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View SERP competition data for each keyword
View SERP competition data for each keyword

Click on a keyword in Rank Tracker, then select the SERP tab.

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How to view SERP competition data for each keyword

Navigate to your Rank Tracker dashboard (under SEO --> Rank Tracker), and click on the keyword for which you'd like to see competition data.

This will open a slide out for the selected keyword, where you can choose the SERP option at the top of the screen.

You'll see a full list of all competitors found during the last rankings check, along with metrics to help you understand these competitors.

Click the settings button at the top right to enable different metrics.

SERP competition data is generated from the keyword rankings, and shows the same rankings as the SERP verification screenshot. SERP competition data gets updated daily, so it is important to note that this does not show accumulative averages of a selected date range.

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