How to export data

Keyword rankings, associated ranking metrics, and integration settings can be bulk exported into a single .ZIP file, with other metrics available for download in a single .CSV file. This article will walk you through the process for exporting data.

Bulk export rankings data and integration settings

To export all rankings data and integration settings for a given campaign, navigate to that specific campaign and click the "gear" icon at the top of your dashboard. In the flyout window, click "Export Data":

A .ZIP file will be download to your local PC. This .ZIP file will contain two folders (named "keywords" and "integrations"). Multiple .CSV files will be found in each folder, with each containing data on a given metric or integration.

The following ranking metrics are currently available for bulk export. They will be found inside the "keywords" folder in the .ZIP file, in .CSV format with the following naming schemes:

  • Bing Ranking --> bing_ranking.csv
  • Bing Ranking URL --> bing_ranking_url.csv
  • Google Ranking --> google_ranking.csv
  • Google Ranking URL --> google_ranking_url.csv
  • Google Mobile Ranking --> google_mobile_ranking.csv
  • Google Mobile Ranking URL --> google_mobile_ranking_url.csv
  • Google Local Ranking --> google_local_ranking.csv
  • Google Local Ranking URL --> google_local_ranking_url.csv
  • Results --> results.csv
  • Volume --> volume.csv
  • Cost Per Click --> cost_per_click.csv

In the "integrations" folder within the .ZIP file, you'll find the integration settings files for any integrations that were connected at the time of the export.

Export data for a single integration

To export data for a single integration, first navigate to the integration in question, click the "Export" button, and choose your file type.

The file will then automatically download to your local computer.

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