How to add an existing campaign to a folder

Many customers who have a large number of campaigns find it critical to keep their campaigns well-organized. This helps to keep the root dashboard from becoming cluttered, which helps with locating customer campaigns quickly, and with maintaining a streamlined workflow.

To this end, we offer the ability to group campaigns into folders.

From your main dashboard screen, make sure that you're viewing your campaigns in "Thumbnail view" rather than "Table view".

To add a folder from this view, hover over any existing campaign until 2 small icons appear.

Click the icon on the left that looks like a folder. A new window will pop up prompting you for a group name.

If you type a folder name that already exists, you'll be given the option to select that folder and add the campaign to it. 

To create a new folder (and add the campaign in question to it at the same time), simply type in any name for the folder in this box that you wish, then click "Save".

After clicking save, your new folder will appear in the dashboard.

If you click it, it will open and display the campaign that you just added to it.

You will now also be able to add additional campaigns to this folder, as described above.

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