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Add an existing campaign to a folder
Add an existing campaign to a folder

Group and organize your existing campaigns into folders by hovering over the campaign thumbnail, then clicking the "folder" icon

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How to add an existing campaign to a folder

Many customers who have a large number of campaigns find it critical to keep their campaigns well-organized. This helps to keep the root dashboard from becoming cluttered, which helps with locating customer campaigns quickly, and with maintaining a streamlined workflow.

To this end, we offer the ability to group campaigns into folders. The steps are slightly different depending on your view. Click one of the following to jump to the steps in this article: Tile View, Folder View and List view.

Grouping Campaigns in Tile View

From tile view, hover over the campaign that you'd like to move. This will reveal a checkbox in the upper left. Click this box to select the campaign. You can also select multiple campaigns by clicking this box on more than one campaign.

This will reveal a bar at the top with two options: Group Campaign(s) or Delete Campaign(s). Click the folder icon to open the Group selection menu.

From the menu, you can either type the name of an existing group/folder to select from the list, or create a new one simply by naming the group, then clicking Save.

This will move the selected campaigns into the group or folder you selected.

Grouping Campaigns in Folder or List View

Folder and List view follow the same essential steps. To the left of each campaign in these views, there is a small checkbox. Click this box to select the corresponding campaign to the right.

Once the campaign(s) are selected, two options will show up at the top of the table. Delete, and Group. Click Group to open Group selection.

From here, either select an existing Folder from the list, or use the search field to locate an existing folder. Alternatively, add the name of a new group if you'd like these to move into a new folder.

Lastly, click Save to either group and move the selected campaigns, or to move the campaigns to an existing folder. Once done, you'll find them organized neatly in the folder you chose!

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