How to interpret the colored ranking charts

When we refer to the "colored ranking charts", we're talking specifically about the charts with the colored vertical bars indicating the number of your keywords that rank in the top 100 results.

Essentially, these charts display the total number of your tracked keywords which are ranking within various numerical ranges in the SERPs.

Each bar represents a graphical display of your total top 100 rankings for a particular date. The date in question is given at the bottom of each colored column.

Each colored bar represents a different numerical SERP range. As you can see highlighted in the image below, the color breakdown is as follows:

  • Dark green = # of keywords in positions 1-3

  • Light green = # of keywords in positions 4-10

  • Yellow = # of keywords in positions 11-20

  • Orange = # of keywords in positions 21-50

  • Red = # of keywords in positions 51-100

You can hover your cursor over each column to see the numerical breakdown. For example, in the first column in this screenshot, for the date of June 27th, this campaign has:

  • 2 keywords ranking in positions  1-3

  • 3 keywords ranking in positions 4-10

  • 1 keyword ranking in positions 11-20

  • 3 keywords ranking in positions 21-50

  • 1 keyword ranking in positions 51-100

The graph scale is on the left hand side. So as you can see, the dark green bar graphically represents the 2 keywords in positions 1-3 in the SERPs, the light green represents the 3 keywords in positions 4-10 and so on.

Note that the number of keywords counted as ranking in those positions ONLY refer to keywords which you're tracking within the AgencyAnalytics dashboard.

Your site may very well rank for other keywords out there in cyberspace, but we can ONLY track keywords which you've explicitly entered into your Rank Tracker dashboard for keyword monitoring.

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