How to configure match types

There are two ways to configure match types. See here for a full overview of exactly what these different match type options mean.

Method #1: In the Campaign Settings

From within a campaign, click "Settings" on the bottom of your left side menu. 

Next, navigate to the "Advanced tab".

You'll then see the "Rankings" settings. From here, click to select which match type you prefer.

Then, click "Save" before leaving the screen.

Method #2: In the Campaign Rankings Module

For any of these settings, start in the SEO --> Rankings section.

To change the URL that's being tracked for the campaign, follow the instructions in this article in this article.

To adjust the match type setting itself, click the "Settings Slider", then click "Edit".

This will open the Rankings settings for editing. Next, click the drop down next to "Match Type" and select your desired match type for this campaign, and click "Save" when finished.

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