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Ask AI Overview
Ask AI Overview

Leverage AI to generate AI report summaries, or Ask AI to drill down into Campaign and Dashboard results.

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Ask AI is a Labs feature still in development. We're looking for your input to iterate and evolve the feature based on your needs. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think by submitting a feature request here!
Please note, Labs features are only available for Agency plans and above.

Our latest Labs feature, Ask AI, uses the power of AI to provide clear insights into client results. Once enabled both parts of Ask AI will be available in your account:

Ask AI

An AI chat feature to dig deeper into results on dashboards or campaigns within your AgencyAnalytics account.

AI Summary

A report object that generates a high-level overview using the data available in the report.

Enable AI features

To get started hover over the menu on the left of the Home page, then click Labs.

On the Labs page look for the Ask AI tile then click the Add button at the tile bottom to enable Ask AI within your account.

Using Ask AI

After enabling Ask AI navigate to a dashboard that you'd like to understand in more detail, then click Ask AI in the upper right of the dashboard to open the AI chat sidebar.

In the sidebar either click one of the provided examples or use the bar at the bottom to ask a custom question.

In our example we selected the premade prompt, "Identify an opportunity". Using the data on our dashboard section the AI AgencyAdvisor noted an area with stale growth that could be improved to increase engagement.

Ask AI is also available on individual widgets. In this example we navigated to the Google Analytics 4 prebuilt integration dashboard, where Ask AI is available in the upper right as well.

Click the ... in the upper right corner of a specific widget, then click Ask AI in the dropdown to launch the sidebar. This will limit the data Ask AI uses to only the contents of this widget, rather than the entire dashboard.

We chose the option Celebrate a win, which prompted the AI AgencyAdvisor to share our conversions were on the rise.

Add an AI report summary to a Report

With the AI features enabled, hover over the sidebar on the left then click Reports to open the Report page. Click the name of any report to open the Report editor.

With the report editor open navigate to your preferred location for the AI summary. Click Objects in the Widget sidebar on the right, then click, drag and drop the AI summary widget onto the report.

Each AI summary is generated based on the report at the time the summary is added. Changes made to the report after the summary is generated will not be reflected unless you delete and re-add a fresh AI Summary.

The AI summary will take a few seconds to generate, once done it will display within a textbox widget.

Edit an AI Report summary

Once generated the AI summary can be edited in the same way as textbox widget. Click the ellipsis in the upper right of the widget, then click Edit.

This will put the widget in edit mode, where you can change text size, color, alignment, or make edits to the generated text.

Once done make sure to save the Report in the upper right hand corner of the editor to lock in these changes.

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