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Add images from Google Drive
Add images from Google Drive

Add images to dashboards or reports using a URL created from a Google Drive share link with our textbox widget.

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By using a textbox widget and a URL you created from Google Drive, you can add images from Google Drive to dashboards and reports.

How to add images to dashboards or reports from Google Drive

Any image in Google Drive can be added to a dashboard or report by first generating a share link.

From Google Drive, click the image. Then, when it's in preview mode as seen below, click the ... in the upper right corner and click Share.

In the popover, click Copy Link in the bottom left.

This will generate a share link, which contains the file ID that we need. The file ID are the characters after file/d/ and before /view?usp=sharing.

Using this URL as an example:

We want this section: 15jONJlNHDXb9-mIFXBDe_joXDLsA9oHe

Copy that section from your own share link, then amend it to

Our example one would be:

Now that you have the Google Drive image link, you can follow the steps in this article to add this image to dashboards and reports using the textbox widget.

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