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Horizontal scrolling for table widgets
Horizontal scrolling for table widgets

How to utilize the horizontal scrolling feature within table widgets in Reports and Dashboards

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Horizontal scrolling allows table widgets in smaller spaces or with high numbers of selected metrics, the ability to clearly display all data.

Horizontal scrolling for table widgets in dashboards and reports

After selecting the table widget, metrics, and placing it in the desired location. Resize the widget so that it is smaller than the selected metrics to activate the horizontal scroll bar.

After you click 'Save' and exit 'Edit' mode, you can drag the bar at the bottom of the table to either side to scroll horizontally across the selected metrics.

Important points to note for horizontal scrolling

  • Both dashboard and report PDF files do not support this kind of interactive functionality. We recommend using web-based reports and dashboards rather than PDFs.

  • When horizontal scrolling is in effect, the columns in a PDF file will appear squeezed together. Although all columns will be visible and no data will be missing, we do not recommend this format because it won't look as nice as the web-based scrolling.

  • If PDFs are essential we recommend adding multiple tables to avoid the need for horizontal scrolling.

  • You are unable to disable this feature in table widgets that fit the horizontal scrolling requirements.

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