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AgencyAnalytics beta testing & integration feedback program
AgencyAnalytics beta testing & integration feedback program

Here's how our users can contribute to new integrations, to speed up development and ensure we're including the metrics you need.

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At AgencyAnalytics, we're always working to implement updates and new integrations to serve the digital marketing community.

A big part of this is ensuring that we include the right kind of data when we add an integration. We like to deeply understand how agencies are using the integration and the metrics that are important to them and their clients.

For the above reasons, we sometimes involve our subscribers when working on new integrations.

The AgencyAnalytics beta testing & integration feedback program

What is it?

The AgencyAnalytics beta testing & integration feedback program allows our users to contribute to new integrations and features we're building. It ensures we're including the exact data that you need when we're adding new integrations to our platform.

How does it work?

To ensure we're providing the data that agencies need, we usually gather information in two ways:

1) Accessing your account for API & testing purposes

We'll request temporary access to your account for the integration that we're adding. This allows us to test real-world data from the integration's API. It also allows us to cross-check the API's data against what your account shows, and to see firsthand how you're using the platform. This ensures our dashboards and data match what you're seeing in the integration's native interface, and helps us confirm the API works specifically for agency reporting needs.

2) Gathering your written feedback

We'll ask you exactly how you're using the integration: The metrics you focus on, the way you're monitoring data, and your overall reporting goals. We'll collect this information from you and compile it with information from our other users. This avoids us missing an important metric or component of the integration.

Beta testing new integrations

Once the new integration is at the beta testing stage, we can invite our contributors to test it. This is another chance for us to gather your feedback, to ensure we're providing you with what your agency needs. It also helps us catch any issues prior to the integration being finalized, and allows for more testing in a real-world agency reporting scenario.

How do I join the program?

We'll periodically reach out to users who have requested a specific integration when we consider adding that integration. This is the main way that users become involved in the program.

If you'd like to be considered for future involvement, simply reach out to our customer support team and mention this article: We'll tag your account, and can contact you if opportunities arise in the future.

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