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How do I co-brand with the client's logo and my agency logo?
How do I co-brand with the client's logo and my agency logo?

You'll need to merge the two logos into a single file

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The multiple white label profiles feature makes it possible to co-brand reports and dashboards with each client company.

To do so, you would just merge your logo and the client's logo into an aesthetically pleasing design that includes both logos. You'd need a fairly powerful image editor like Photoshop to do this. 

It's important to get branding right; if it doesn't look professional, you'll do more harm than good. 

So if you don't have the design skills yourself to blend the two logos in an aesthetically pleasing way that will look nice in our interface and reports, we recommend handing this task off to a designer.

Once you've created a single file for the interface logo (PNG/GIF/JPG format) and for the report logo (SVG format is recommended) go ahead and upload those logos to the white label section for the desired campaign.

Finally, select a color scheme from the campaign white label section that will fit the combined branding.

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