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Configure a Google Sheets stat widget in a report
Configure a Google Sheets stat widget in a report

Hover over the widget, click the ellipsis ("...") at the top right, and apply your customization options

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How to configure a Google Sheets stat widget in a report

Once you've connected the Google Sheets integration and added a Google Sheets stat widget, you'll need to configure the widget according to your reporting needs.

To start, hover your mouse over that widget and click the ellipsis ("...") icon in the upper right corner, and select edit or simply click the widget.

The right hand menu will change to "Edit Widget" mode. From there, select the sheet you'd like to display from the dropdown. You can also give your widget a title, and choose the cell of the sheet you'd like to display. For example, entering "A1" into the Cell area will display everything entered into cell A1 of the sheet.

Note: The Google Sheet that you're importing MUST be formatted to remove any empty rows or columns. If you leave the thousands of empty rows/columns that exist by default in a Google Sheet, those empty rows/columns will also be imported, and will cause the report to "hang". 

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