How to view site audit issues and errors

Once, you've run a site audit, you can drill down into each problem category to determine precisely what the problems are so that you can fix them.

First, be sure that you've already completed an audit for the campaign in question.

Next navigate to the SEO --> Site Audit dashboard module. Click any problem category to see further details about the problems that were found.

For example, in the screenshot below, you could click the red box that says "103 Images Missing an Alt Attribute" to see more information about which which images are missing an alt attribute.

A new screen will open, displaying information about the problems that were found. At the top, you'll find a "problem description" defining and providing additional information about the error. In the table below, the precise columns and information reported will depend on which type of problem you're viewing.

In this example, for "Images Missing an Alt Attribute", the "Page" column tells you which page of your website is hosting the image that's missing the alt attribute. The "image URL" column gives you the exact URL of the image in question. 

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