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Campaign Auditor
Campaign Auditor
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Campaign Auditor is a Labs feature still in development. We're looking for your input to iterate and evolve the feature based on your needs. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think by submitting a feature request here!
Please note, Labs features are only available for Agency plans and above.

Leverage a Campaign Auditor to provide a benchmark against industry standards for paid ads. Identify opportunities to optimize ad spend, improve ROI, and deliver more results to your clients.

Enable Campaign Auditor

To get started hover over the menu on the left side of the screen, then click Labs.

On the Labs page look for the Campaign Auditor card then click the Add button. After a moment the button will turn gray to indicate this feature was added to the account.

Next, navigate to a campaign and click the Auditor tab at the top to open the Auditor page to view a performance score and to drill down into specifics for each paid ad channel.

Click the integration or channel name to open a slide out on the right with additional performance insights.

Understanding Audit Results

Campaign Auditor provides a benchmark for agencies to review their paid ad results against industry benchmarks. Scores are assigned to each integration, and the overall score displayed on the left is calculated based on all integrations.

In our example campaign, Google Adwords is the only integration connected and tracking. As it currently scores 100% that means our Channel score for Paid Ads on the right is also 100%, and our overall score on the left is 100% as well.

Click the integration or channel to view additional insights into how this rating was achieved.

As this is a feature in development, we do not currently have the ability to provide regional or industry specific benchmarking. Campaign Auditor provides general details on averages across industries and a North-America wide audience. To share feedback on what you'd like to see added, click here!

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