Clone a Campaign

From the home dashboard, hover a campaign, click "..." to open the menu, then choose "Clone Campaign" from the dropdown menu.

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How to Clone a Campaign

To get started, navigate to the Home page. From there, hover over the campaign you'd like to clone.


This will reveal an ellipsis (...) in the upper right corner. Click this to open a dropdown menu. Then click Clone Campaign to open the cloning wizard.

Next, ensure the correct Campaign is selected in the dropdown at the top. Then, click the checkbox to the left of each of the following options, to carry them over:

Reports: Clone all existing reports from the campaign you're cloning, into the new campaign.

Dashboards: Clone all existing dashboard sections from the campaign you're cloning, into the new campaign.

User Access: Clone the users and user permissions of anyone with user access to the campaign you're cloning, into the new campaign.

Agency Markup: Clone the agency markup percentages you have set up in the campaign being cloned, into the new campaign.


When you've selected what you want to copy, click Next at the bottom left.

You'll then be prompted to enter the campaign details. Add the Campaign title, the website address, and click Advanced Settings to configure other options.

Under Advanced Settings you can choose the Report Delivery Time zone (which determines what time zone your reports will send within) and the Group (where you can add the campaign to an existing group or create a new group).

Lastly, click Complete at the bottom left to finalize the cloning process. It may take a few seconds to complete, then will redirect you to the integrations page where you can connect integrations to finish setting up your cloned campaign.

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