How to add a Google Sheets table widget to a report

Once you've connected the Google Sheets integration, you can import any Sheet from your Google Drive account into a table widget within our reports.

Navigate to the report section where you'd like to embed a Google Sheet. If the widget Sidebar is not visible on the right side, expand it by clicking the gray line on the far right of your report editor.

Then, find "Google Sheets" under the Integrations tab.

Next, click the Table icon, then drag and drop the table widget onto your report page.

Your table widget will then be added to the report page section. To format the widget, click the widget, then in the Widget sidebar, select the Spreadsheet you'd like the widget to display. You can also specify a spreadsheet tab, if needed.

Note: The Google Sheet that you're importing should be formatted to remove any empty rows or columns. If you leave the thousands of empty rows/columns that exist by default in a Google Sheet, those empty rows/columns can also be imported, and can cause the report to "hang".

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