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Twitter Changes July 2023
Twitter Changes July 2023

Twitter has unexpectedly cut data access from their platform. As the issue is ongoing, we'll share updates here as we get them.

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On July 1st, 2023 Twitter made some unexpected changes to their platform. Access to Twitter data and feeds has been severely limited, which has rendered us, and many other third parties, unable to display Twitter data.

At that time, it was unclear whether or not the Twitter changes would be reversed, and we hoped that another update would quickly follow. As of July 13th, 2023, the Twitter integration has been removed from our platform as Twitter has not reverted these changes. As a workaround, the Google Sheets integration can be used to manually show Twitter data in AgencyAnalytics.

The Twitter integration dashboard is no longer available. All Twitter widgets using Twitter data, including Custom Metrics or Custom Goals, will display an error message or will appear broken, going forward. Any remaining Twitter widgets on your dashboards, reports, or templates should be removed to prevent disruption to your customers.

Since this situation is still ongoing, we aren't yet sure if this situation will be permanent, or if another solution will surface in the coming weeks or months. We'll continue to monitor Twitter for any changes. We'll update this article, and will also share in-app messages covering any action steps you may need to take should anything change down the road.

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