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Edit a query in the Google Sheets app
Edit a query in the Google Sheets app
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Editing a query in the Google Sheets app allows you to change all aspects of the query. If changing many query settings we recommend creating a new query instead, this way the original query can be rerun if needed.

Edit an existing query in the Google Sheets app

To get started, open a Google Sheet where you want to work, then at the top, click AgencyAnalytics in the toolbar.
This will open a dropdown, from there click Launch Sidebar to open the AgencyAnalytics sidebar to the right of the screen.

Once the sidebar is open, scroll to the query you'd like to edit. Then click the pencil icon to go into edit mode for this query.

Now in edit mode, scroll down to make changes to the data we're pulling with this query.

While you can change the campaign, integration, and view of an existing query, we recommend you create a new one if you intend to run the original query again.

After making changes to the query, click the Update Data button at the bottom to Save the query, and to do a fresh pull of data with the renewed query settings.

Once you've saved and updated, click the arrow next to Edit Query near the top to return to the previous query menu, and to start work on your next one!

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