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Create a query with the Google Sheets App
Create a query with the Google Sheets App

Launch the sidebar, then in the sidebar click Create Query. Next, choose your query settings, then run the query.

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After connecting the AgencyAnalytics app to Google Sheets, you can create a query and start pulling data into sheets.

To get started, click Extensions, then hover over AgencyAnalytics in the dropdown. Click launch sidebar to open the app.

With the AgencyAnalytics sidebar open in Google Sheets the option to Create Query will be visible. Click this button to open the query settings.

Next name the Query, and select where in the Google Sheet you'd like the data to load. You can have multiple queries within one Google Sheet, so keep this in mind when organizing where your queries load.

When choosing where to load data, you can either type your choice into the field, or click the cell you want to use, then click the grid button to the right to use the actively selected cell.

The selected cell is the first cell that data will load into; the amount of space used by the query will change dependent on how many metrics the query is set to pull in. Each Metric will have it's own column. Keep this in mind when you're mapping where each query goes!

Next, there are a few selections you need to make to determine where we pull the data from in this Query, and a few optional choices. Choose the campaign, integration, view, and dimension to specify where the data is pulling from.

After selecting where you want the data to come from, pick the metrics you'd like to pull. To do so, click the Metrics field, then type to search for the metric name. Check the boxes to the left of the metric name, to add them to the query.

Lastly, choose the sort direction, date range, and row limit. Once all of these settings are selected, you're ready to pull data. To do so, click the Insert Data button at the bottom of the sidebar.

The data you've filtered for will load into the Google Sheet, starting with the cell you selected earlier.

Back on the query page of the sidebar, you will now see your query listed here, along with some useful information about the query.

It will display the integration icon for this query, as well as the Sheet and cells it loads into. Lastly, it will show the last date this query was run.

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