Refunds can cause discrepancies in the Total Sales metric due to how Shopify displays refunds on their native platform versus how they feed this data via API to our platform.

Here's an example:

  • In the native Shopify platform, they apply refunds to the order date, so if the order was made on January 15th, but refunded on March 15th, the refund applies to January 15th on the Shopify dashboard.

  • When Shopify sends data via their API, refunds are applied on the date on which the refund was given. So, if the order was placed on Jan 15 and refunded on Mar 15, the refund would be shown as March 15th on our end.

Unfortunately, since Shopify doesn't keep refund dates consistent between their platform and what they send through their API, we won't be able to match what you see on the native platform until Shopify updates their API.

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