Adding thresholds and annotations to your charts is a great way to indicate targets you want to hit or point out changes on your graphs for your clients.

These are available for a large number of widgets in your reports and on custom dashboards.

You can add thresholds and annotations to your date-based line and column charts from your widget settings window.

How to add thresholds to your widgets

Thresholds will show on your line and date-based column chart widgets as a dotted line along with a text to represent your targets.

To add thresholds, start by hovering over the widget you want to customize, and click the ellipsis "..." in the upper right-hand corner of the widget. Then, click "Edit".

Click the "+" icon next to "Thresholds" and add your desired thresholds values. Then click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the "Edit Widget" screen.

How to add annotations to your widgets

Annotations are date-based notes that you can add to your widgets to indicate changes or add explanatory notes.

To add notes, follow the steps described above to open your widget settings window.

Click the "+" icon next to "Annotations", then choose the desired date and add a comment. Don't forget to click the "Save Settings" button to keep the changes!

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