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Configure a custom text box widget
Configure a custom text box widget

Add text, bulleted/numbered lists, and images to any text box

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How to add content to any text box widget in your report

Once you've added your text box widget, hover over the widget and click the ellipsis button "..." and click on "Edit".

A WYSIWIG editor will appear.ย 

From here, you can type text, format that text, add numbered/bulleted lists, images, hyperlinks, charts, and more.

Text box widgets have a built-in spell checker to help catch spelling issues. When the text box is active, any misspelled words will be highlighted with a red squiggle underneath.

The spell check can be configured by hovering over the red or green dot at the bottom right of the text box. This will expand to show an on/off button and settings, where you can configure what the spell checker suggests or ignores.

Once you've finished editing your text box, click save in the upper right-hand corner of the report editor to save these changes.
โ€‹Note: Textbox widgets have a limit of 5000 characters, including markup. Be cautious of this when filling in your textbox, as anything over 5000 characters will be deleted upon saving.

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