Staff accounts are intended for employees at your agency. Client accounts are intended for your customers. Both allow you, as the agency account owner, to restrict which data a given user is allowed to view, and which actions they can take within the dashboard.

For BOTH Client and Staff accounts you can:

  • Grant access to view any subset of campaigns in your dashboard.
  • Permit or restrict access to any given area of the dashboard. (This is a global setting - not able to be set on a per campaign basis)
  • Email or login as the user from the "User setup" area of the admin console.
  • Also, NEITHER ever has access to billing or White label settings.

Staff Accounts:

  • Depending on your chosen settings, can also add/edit/remove other user accounts, with the exception of their own
  • May edit/modify their view of the dashboard and settings on both the home screen and in campaigns to which you've granted them access
  • The number of staff accounts that you're allowed to create varies based on your membership level. Every membership level can add additional staff accounts at just $10/month per account.

Client Accounts:

  • No ability to view user accounts console
  • No ability to edit/modify the dashboard or any settings or filters. YOU choose EXACTLY what they can or cannot view when they log in.
  • No limit on the number of client accounts you can create, regardless of membership level.

Note: If you have an important client who needs the ability to manage/edit/modify their own dashboard setup, you'll need to create a STAFF account for them, and carefully choose their access restrictions.

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